Motorcycle Buying Directive How to Buy New or Used Motorcycles


Checklist for motorcycle buying tips

A new or used motorcycle purchase is one of the most memorable experiences in riding. It’s worth getting advice before you spend your hard-earned cash.

It’s fun to look at the latest models and then work out your budget. Then, you can try to save some money and get the next model. Finally, you can decide whether you want to purchase a new or used bike. It’s all about that.

We have compiled a checklist of motorcycle buying tips to help you avoid making a bad buying decision and buying a used or new motorcycle that you regret.

Although it might seem obvious not to buy a bike that you haven’t seen in the dark, there are many other things you can do wrong. These are the ways you can avoid them.

Basic Pre-buying Motorcycle List

What type of motorcycle insurance do you need?

It is important to seek advice from an insurance professional before buying a motorcycle.

If it is a private bike, however, you will not be allowed to test-ride it without the owner’s permission. You may be eligible to ride on other people’s bikes if you have a motorcycle.

You might also consider a temporary policy that covers the ride. Gear. Be responsible

Don’t be a squid if you go to test a Honda Fireblade. You should never be a squid.

Make sure to have the right protective clothing so that you don’t lose your pride if there is a spill.

What motorcycle is best for me?

Be realistic about your needs and choose the bikes that best suit you. Don’t buy a GS if you are shorter than the rest.

The Honda Grom may not suit you if your height is 6ft10. Consider the main purpose of your motorcycle.

You will be using it for commute, overland adventures or occasional trackdays. You can choose the one that is most comfortable, economical, and durable for your purposes.

You can choose to ignore it, but we won’t deny that we warned you! Are you looking to save money on a new car?

What is the cost of motorcycle insurance, service, fuel, tyres/ financing?

What are your expected running costs? Fuel, servicing, tyres and insurance. It is important to calculate the monthly cost of running your bike. Can you afford it?

You can decide how you want to finance the purchase. Before you view privately owned machines, make sure you have the funds.

Privately owned motorcycles are not an option if you cannot afford a motorcycle.

Buying New Motorcycles

How do I part-exchange my motorcycle?

Part-exchange bikes should be MOT’d, serviced, and in perfect condition to ensure the best possible price. It’s also a good idea to have a complete service history in order to secure a premium.

Do you intend to buy a UK-made bike that is authentic and officially imported? Are you familiar with the differences if it isn’t a UK-made bike?

What should I look out for when taking a test ride on a brand new motorcycle?

Take a test drive. You might not like what it looks like.

Consider your future with this bike. Is it possible to still ride this bike in two years?

Do not let salespeople bully you into making decisions. You are the boss.

You must keep a fixed figure in your mind and adhere to it. Do not walk away with a brand new bike or a mountain of debt.

What should I do when purchasing a new motorcycle?

What length of time has the machine been on display or in stock? Is this the most recent model? Can you get a deal? Are you able to get a deal on an ex-demo bicycle? Is it pre-reg or ex-demo bike?

The bike should not have a mileage of more than 5 miles and should be registered with 6 to 12 months tax.

You can negotiate extras such as clothing, extended warranties, or breakdown coverage.

Many dealers should be able offer competitive financing.

Where can I find the best motorcycle insurance deals?

Seek out insurance if you don’t have it yet. Also, ask the dealer if they can ship the bike to your address.

Do not let your bike go without insurance.

Buying Used Motorcycles

What should I look for when purchasing a used motorcycle

When buying a used motorcycle, it is important to get the right advice. Is the bike custom painted? This could disguise crash damage. Is the bar end, mirror or footpeg bent?

This could indicate that the bike is being towed. It can also have a negative impact on the bike’s value if it has poor paint or patterns.

Every inch should be examined for damage and wear.

Is it rattling or does it smoke? You can turn the handlebars to bounce the suspension and listen for irregular sounds.

You don’t have to do it yourself if you aren’t confident.

It is better to be safe that sorry. Is it in good condition and taxed? Is it parked on the street or in a garage every night? Check for corrosion. Is it being sold by the owner? Is the owner financing it?

Do you think the bike has been unused for a while? Do the MOTs and service records match? Any MOT fails? Ask the owner.

Are there performance accessories on the vehicle? Is it possible to find the original parts? To help you balance your enthusiasm, take a friend along.

Don’t make decisions on the spur of the moment. If in doubt, you can always go home and think it through. It seems suspiciously expensive? It could be because…

How can I tell if my motorcycle has been stolen?

It is best to view it during daylight hours. Is it being offered for sale at the address shown on the V5. If the owner refuses you to come to their home, be suspicious.

Is the motorcycle required to have a valid MOT certificate. The V55 ownership document should be reviewed. How many previous owners are there?

Is the V55 a sign that the bike was previously written off? While some bikes that have been written off can be restored and placed back on the road again, not all of them.

Do the engine and chassis numbers match those on the V5?

FSH is great. Full dealer service history is the best. Home servicing could cause problems.

What price should I pay to buy a used motorcycle?

Make sure you make the right decision when the time is right. Make an offer, always look for a cheaper price and ensure you have enough money.

Is it insured to ride it, or take it home if it is purchased?

We hope you found our checklist of motorcycle buying tips helpful. It’s now time to start looking at shiny new and used motorcycles.